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Our Goals

Earthrise trust plans to reinvigorate Rustlers Valley Farm and develop Naledi Village. Working closely with village leaders and residents, the trust has formulated four goals, each with a set of achievable objectives.


Rural Development

Built Environment

Retreat & Activism

Enterprises & Projects

Earthrise Trust is developing a number of new projects and enterprises that will result in a sustainable, self-sufficient community which features skilled entrepreneurs and artisans, who own and manage competitive small-scale agroecology enterprises. This gives the previously marginalised populace a human voice, enabling social participation and local growth.

Earthrise Lodge

The lodge at Earthrise has provided several jobs for the residents of Naledi Village, bringing visitors, tourists & investment to the valley.

Mountain Biking

Avid cyclists of Naledi Village & friends of Earthrise Trust are working together to establish guided mountain biking trails to encourage sports tourism.


Residents of Naledi Village will be trained in small-scale eco-farming to help them become more self-sufficient, skilled & financially stable.

Nursery School

Naledi Village is home to many young children. An early childhood development centre will be established and run by women from the community.


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