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Get Involved

One of Earthrise’s goals is to build a local and global learning movement, working to build a positive legacy for future generations. Building partnerships is key to our work and we would therefore like to invite like-minded individuals and organisations interested in working together with us on specific goals and projects to get involved. You […]


The Earthrise lodge

EarthRise Mountain Lodge lies in a secluded valley at the heart of the cherry growing district, in the highlands of the Eastern Free State. Enveloped by the Maluti mountains and a quiet ensemble of birdsong, cicadas, local animals and the occasional tractor, it epitomises tranquility. Surrounded by the beauty of […]


Meet the trustees

The founding Trustees of Earthrise will bring into the Rustlers Valley Development Initiative their collective knowledge and experience in building effective organisations and movements to build a model agri-village that intentionally integrates economic, social, cultural and environmental dimensions of sustainability in community life and in harmony with nature. By combining […]


Creating a retreat & development hub

Earthrise Trustees have hosted leaders and senior staff from a range of organisations involved in development facilitation, social justice and environmental protection at the farm. The goal is simple: to help create societies which have at their core, the needs, aspirations and interests of the people. We seek to build […]


Creating a rural development hub

The community of Naledi Village currently resides on a portion of land within the extents of Rustlers Valley Farm. Whilst the village is relatively small, it serves as a central support and is very connected to many other farm villages in the surrounding areas, providing access to a shop, farm […]



Earthrise aims to establish Rustlers Valley Farm as a sustainable, cooperative, commercially-viable high quality, precision farming initiative which will involve elements of communal and commercial large-scale farming, both at Naledi Village and Rustlers Valley Farm respectively, both of which will undergo implementation simultaneously. The key implementation partners will be the […]


Reconstructing the built environment

The Trust has engaged engineers working alongside locally-recruited construction workers to improve the built environment, creating in the process a sense of local ownership and long-term commitment to the project. In keeping with its goal of stimulating local economy, the Trust has emphasised the procurement of necessary tools, equipment and services […]


Some thoughts on land ownership

In the context of unprecedented urbanisation in the history of economic globalisation, growing inequality, inadequate nutrition, and food insecurity, the time is ripe for a new agrarian renaissance. The global crisis in food prices continues to make headlines across the globe for rising prices. The hardest hit demographic are the […]


About Earthrise Trust

“We must join together to bring forth a sustainable society founded on respect for nature, universal human rights, economic justice and a culture of peace. Towards this end it is imperative that we, the people of Earth, declare our responsibility to one another, to the greater community of life and […]