Creating a retreat & development hub

Earthrise Trustees have hosted leaders and senior staff from a range of organisations involved in development facilitation, social justice and environmental protection at the farm. The goal is simple: to help create societies which have at their core, the needs, aspirations and interests of the people. We seek to build sustainable pro-poor solutions to global problems while respecting diversity. We believe in creating harmonious relationships between the planet and its inhabitants. We aspire to create just, equitable and sustainable societies underpinned by the realisation of the rights and freedoms enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

In keeping with the Trust’s visions and founding aims, Earthrise will partner with Civicus, a leading global civil society organisation, committed to building an enabling environment for citizens to participate in building a just, sustainable and peaceful world.  In the short term this partnership will focus on assessing how and whether the UN Post 2015 Agenda can be used as a framework for rethinking and sculpting a future of peaceful humanity, and to examine the key transformational shifts needed to successfully meet the basic needs of all humans e.g. the right to food, shelter, education, health and livelihoods.

In the medium to long term, Earthrise wants to invest in and promote sustainable, long term and collaborative programmes for young people passionate about building a just, sustainable and peaceful world.

To take this idea forward, the Trust will, in the near future, undertake a feasibility study for a development programme that aims to build the next generation of civic leaders committed to a new social and environmental development paradigm.  The development programme will create space for actors from civil society focusing on, but not limited to, young people and women in order to promote active civic participation and engagement as a vital condition in overcoming the long term challenges we face as humanity.