Meet the trustees

The founding Trustees of Earthrise will bring into the Rustlers Valley Development Initiative their collective knowledge and experience in building effective organisations and movements to build a model agri-village that intentionally integrates economic, social, cultural and environmental dimensions of sustainability in community life and in harmony with nature.

By combining education (theory) with production (practice), Earthrise will bring on board local and international actors to implement development that represents a transformative shift in the developmental model. By integrating participatory leadership, shared ownership and governance we will ensure long term viability and sustainability.

We have embarked on an important journey; one we believe that with perseverance can create the conditions to learn and build practical ways to move towards sustainability in the 21st century for the benefit of all the grandchildren, great grandchildren and those yet to be born. By working closely with like-minded people across borders we can heed the call by the late Nelson Mandela who, on the occasion of the Earth Hour, urged: “Let us stand together to make of our world a sustainable source for our future as humanity on this planet.”